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  • Dr Saifi performed a two level disc replacement on my cervical spine last month, and I could not be any happier about the experience from start to finish. He is such a knowledgeable and kind person, I knew he would take great care of me. Within days I was back on my feet and working full time again ...

    ~ Mike Lundberg ~

  • I had cervical spine fusion in 2018 that took almost six months to recover from and only relieved about 80% percent of my symptoms. I was in pain for almost two years before I finally found Dr. Saifi and his team. The anterior cervical disk fusion surgery they did was a complete success and I am p...

    ~ Rick Arnstein ~

  • When looking for a surgeon to perform back surgery, you will hear lots of suggestions (good and bad) from many different people. All I can say is that I am very happy I chose Dr. Saifi. He did a wonderful job with my back surgery. He performed a l5 s1 fusion on my lower back. His expertise and thoro...

    ~ Thomas Cunningham ~

  • Dr. Saifi is the best doctor I've ever seen. My first appointment with him lasted a hour. He took the time to sit and explain and answer questions I had. Not once did I feel rushed or that I was inconveniencing him. I have yet to get surgery, but there's no question that I will be having him to do i...

    ~ Leah Nichols ~

  • I Think That He Did A Really Great Job On My Neck.

    ~ Bárbara Garcia ~

  • Dr. Saifi gave me back my life. I struggled for years with pain from my neck, shoulder and down my arm. Dr Saifi was thorough in his aproach to diagnose the issue and come up with a plan to fix me. I can't thank him and his staff enough. I am pain free and getting back to exercising and enjoying lif...

    ~ Sandy Thierolf ~

  • Great Surgeon! I’m now two weeks post surgery and pain free In my legs! I was suffering for over two years!

    ~ Robert Haeberle ~

  • Dr. Saifi and his team have positively and profoundly impacted my life. In fact, I wouldn’t hesitate to hug him in person because he has improved my quality of life exponentially. After meeting him I knew I was going to select him as my surgeon. He took his time speaking with me and showed a genui...

    ~ Anton Lueker ~

  • Dr comron saifi is the best surgeon ever, I’ve never talked and seen a surgeon who is confident of his capacities, I had a right leg sciatica nerve pain for a long time and nobody told me I can rewalk again but doctor saifi was confident that I’ll be ok and it was the case I went to the operatin...

    ~ Soraya Benterkia ~

  • It was a privilege to be under Dr. Saifi's care. He was always prompt for appointments, exudes an air of confidence, which translates immediately to the patient. He was, during all exams, kind, knowledgeable, caring and concerned. He always makes me feel as if I'm the most important patient. Nee...

    ~ Lita Cohen ~

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