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  • He is a fantastic doctor , with great bedside manner and awesome personality. He made me feel comfortable about what I needed to do and explained everything patiently.

    ~ Frantz jean baptiste ~

  • Amazing physician who cares about his patients. Great bedside manner!

    ~ Ashley R Thomas ~

  • I had severe damage on L4, L5 with S1 nerve compression and I suffered debilitating pain for 17 years until I could not function. Dr Saifi talked to me and let me know what was wrong. I agreed to the surgery and it was the best thing I ever did. I'm walking, in pool Therapy, no nerve pain. Best Sur...

    ~ Rosilyn Purvis ~

  • I have been in pain for 2 long years.... I am in great shape so to have this pain was horrible.... the first year it was pain radiating down my right leg and the second year the pain switched to my left leg and this pain was “ungodly “..... and my primary care physician tried all that she could....

    ~ Crystal Abdullah ~

  • I had a herniated disc at L5 causing sciatic pain. Everyone I talked to warned me that surgery would be a painful experience with a long recovery. This was furthest from the truth. Dr. Saifi did an excellent job and even gave me his direct number to call him if I had any issues. I felt relief from ...

    ~ Vincent lacey ~

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